Sunday, April 17, 2011

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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

What’s in your Easter Basket?

Chances are Child Slaves Harvested the Cocoa to Make Your Childs Bunny

This fact the cocoa industry chooses to hide and has broken international agreements not to import beans from West African countries that support slave labor. The exporters buy children as young as 7 years old to cut down the cocoa pods with machetes and harvest the beans.

These children are smuggled into the Ivory Coast by human traffickers with the promise that they will make money for their needy families in nearby countries. These families never see their children again. Human traffickers make about $230 euros per child. Their corrupt government has covered up this issue since cocoa is their leading export.

How sad it is that American children receive “Blood Chocolate” to celebrate a Holy day at the expense of children their own age. If you give chocolate for Easter, do not give any chocolate make by Hershey, MM Mars, Godiva, Cadbury, Nestle, Kraft or any generic or brand drug store chocolate. Look for the Fair Trade label or Direct Trade that is described on the label. Savorique has fine chocolates that are slave free, also you can find them at Food Emporium, Fairway, Whole Foods and health food stores. Even local chocolatiers buy bulk chocolate to re-melt it down and mold into those cute bunnies. They may not even know that the bean source is from West Africa, where the in the Ivory Coast alone 12,000 children are enslaved.

Be an informed and caring consumer by knowing where your chocolate and other foods like coffee and tea comes from. More info is on my site at

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Spa at Trump-Wellness Chocolate & Biodynamic Wine Pairing | Exotic Chocolate Tasting


Tuesday, April 26  7-9pm Trump Soho Hotel-Spa at Trump
246 Spring Street, NY, NY

Antidote Chocolate, made from a blend of raw and roasted organic Ecuadorian cacao, dried fruits, flowers and spices for purity and nutrition are paired up with biodynamic red wines from South America’s acclaimed wine regions.

Roxanne Browning, New York’s Chocolate Sommelier from Exotic Chocolate Tasting and Matt Spirn from The Northport Tasting Room will be your guides though this relaxed evening that will awaken all your senses… and enrich your mind. Chocolate maker, Red Thalhammer will share her knowledge of chocolate health benefits of her chocolates named after Greek goddesses.

Experience this first time event at the luxurious and peaceful setting of the Spa at Trump. Treat your body, mind and soul with the gift and the “Food of the gods.”

Limited Seating RSVP a must, email Roxanne  $25 pp CASH ONLY at the door
If you are a NYC Chocolate Meet Up member or would like to be, join and pay here.

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